Christina is known to thousands as the spiritual “galactic walk in”communicator who arrived from Heaven in a car 

accident with messages for humanity.  She is also known as a "world renowned" modern day Prophet, Shaman and Healer 

who uses a specific sensitive, healing approach to delivering these messages from the other side. In the years she's been doing this work/mission, she finds that many who are of 'walk in' energy have been brought to her for help in understanding what has happened to them and why. She feels blessed to be able to help these lightworkers and galactic workers get back on course! 



Christina has just recently acquired many credentials that which deem her as a Crystal and Sound Therapist. This path has lead her to opening the first Metaphysical Spa in Johnstown, PA. Not to mention her Crystal Shop is also the very first shop this town has experienced. If you click the "CRYSTAL COVE" tab above, you will be directed to that shop's sister site.  


Her clients are family to her and if you ask any one of them, which she encourages you to, they will admit to this bond. Christina recently became an Executive Producer for Creative Laughter Productions and not only has her own TV Show in the works but this path had allowed her to broaden her search in helping children who need mentoring with their gift(s). Over six years ago, she created the "Mystic Healer School" which is a global training academy that mentors and teaches gifted kids to take hold of their missions by exploring their gifts fully.  She is deemed by thousands as a modern day prophet who is committed to aiding humanity to do better and adjust their paths to the greater good of man.  This mission is fueled by love, grace, and a desire to make sure that the messages she returned to Earth with in 2009 are heard by thousands. 

Many seek her assistance with homicide cases, cold cases, missing person cases, lost/stolen animal cases where she consults law enforcement and families in the search for answers. She is what the spirit world calls a "tracker." This simply means she is able to track the last steps a soul took before going missing.  She is the ONLY Spirit Communicator in the world known to communicate with ICU coma patients. She can communicate with the living AND the dead. She prides herself on integrity and love which shine through when she connects to a Soul’s Spirit. As the receiver of the messages given, she is able to authentically bring you into conversation with your loved one once, again and also be able to describe what they are doing now on their soul journey since their passing since she was able to retain all the images and experiences upon her arrival back from crossing over. 

Even though Christina was born with this gift, the accident in 2009 awakened her to the full depth of her communicational 

abilities. The details she expresses of the “Other Side”  helps to reassure thousands of the place we go once our journey is complete, here on Earth. She is able to offer a first-hand account of “Heaven” and of other “realms” that humanity has always wondered about. Her ability to connect you to your own Spirit Guides also offers you insights into any area of your life, whether it concerns relationship, career, family, or finance. Her connection to the Angels, which are her best buddies, give a healing vibration to any recipient joining in on the LIVE Shows, as well as, aiding her in her Specialized Divine Blends that have healed and helped thousands.

She encourages you to ask many questions during your reading process, however, you will find that most of them have already been answered by your loved ones or guides. The compassionate nature she expresses will help put you at ease prior to the reading and you will leave with a new sense of peace, healing, and closure. The dedication she shows her clients (including those within the Spirit realm) is unparalleled. You won't easily forget your experience with her! 

they say...

The Medium who passed away & returned with messages for humanity

Christina is a very genuine, caring, and authentic individual. She is extremely giving of her time and energy and I feel that she truly wants to help and reach as many individuals as possible. She is the real deal and her readings are spot on, so do not hesitate to book a reading in with her if you are thinking of it! Also, I have purchased many items (mostly crystals) from the Divine Medium shop and they are all premium quality items. Christina and her staff are so polite and considerate, purchasing from the shop is always such a pleasant experience. Thank you, Divine Medium team! Keep up the good work! :-)

Marilena Di Gi, Canada


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Gifted Mentoring

the shop

The Divine Medium Crystal Cove opened its doors in November 2015. After many years, we decided to expand our business to the metaphysical healing spa experience and finally open our crystal boutique on a deeper level.

The Crystal Cove is a crystal boutique providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the form of jewelry and healing crystals. Each product combines crystal energy infused with healing and your intention to help you achieve a desired result. 


We prided ourselves on the cozy and welcoming atmosphere our clients experience when stepping through our front door. To make the experience even more delightful, we offer one-on-one consultations with our crystal healing consultant, Christina Cay in order to achieve the perfect bond in a stress-free and convenient atmosphere.

For more information on our crystal services, please contact us at (814) 254-4523 or thedivinemedium@gmail.com.

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