Please Call the Shop Directly to be scheduled in BEFORE PURCHASING a session 814-254-4523

PLEASE read over all sessions and their Etiquette Rules so you know EXACTLY what session(s) you want to have done and what to expect.


Please keep in mind, this is a service (online or in-person). There are NO REFUNDS ON READINGS, OR ANY ONLINE COURSES/MEDIA.

If you purchase a session and either suddenly can't afford now, was expecting something else than the reading you perceived (please read all details on readings before purchasing so you know what you are purchasing), or suddenly can't do it at all; a merchandise store credit will be offered in placement of that session. NO EXCEPTIONS! Going back on a commitment purchase makes it very difficult on Christina's schedule (which is extremely busy with hundreds who are on the wait list to get in with her) as well as, on her accountant who deals with all transactions coming in and going out of the business. Please be respectful of the shop's policies. The Divine Medium is just like any other business that have policies in place.

do your research, before deciding!

What are others saying about their experience?

Marilena Di Gi

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Christina is a very genuine, caring, and authentic individual. She is extremely giving of her time and energy and I feel that she truly wants to help and reach as many individuals as possible. She is the real deal and her readings are spot on, so do not hesitate to book a reading in with her if you are thinking of it! Also, I have purchased many items (mostly crystals) from the Divine Medium shop and they are all premium quality items. Christina and her staff are so polite and considerate, purchasing from the shop is always such a pleasant experience. Thank you, Divine Medium team! Keep up the good work! :-)

Susan Knego

Los Angeles, CA

Christina and I had a spiritual connection from day 1 when we met through fb about 2 years ago! I’ve been watching here live Infotmitive spirit talks ever since- the other day I was blessed to get a live discounted angelic reading which you can all check out on one of her videos! It was very emotional and and helped me greatly ! Spot on! I would definitely get another at full price!!

Julie Stine

Newville, PA

From the first moment I walked into the shop, I was welcomed with warm smiles and greetings. The shop is beautiful both inside and out, as are Yvonne and Christina. The reading Christina gave me couldn't have been more SPOT ON!  It blew my mind how she "knew" all these things about me, what I needed and information that I didn't even realize I needed to hear. After the reading, I really had a chance to look at the beautiful crystals and merchandise that is packed into the store. By the time I left that first day, I felt like I had just found a couple long lost members of my family. Thank you for everything Christina- from that moment over 8 months ago and everything since! I can't wait to see what's in store for us!

Amina Tollin

Tucson, Arizon

I have received two separate readings from Christina. Each time she was kind and giving of her time. She told me things that resonated with me and has done nothing but be a positive motivator in my life to explore my higher self and be more positive! I highly recommend her!

Kimberly Tovias

Portage, Michigan

Mrs. Christina is amazing. She always greets everyone with a smile. Very peaceful and have a warm feeling in her shop. She’s the best teacher to learn from.

Amanda Wilmoth

West Milton, Ohio

I drove all the way from Ohio to visit Christina and her shop. It was absolutely worth it! The place and the people make you feel warm, comfortable and right at home. I loved all the different items in the shop, especially homemade ones. I also had a wonderful experience during a reading that wasn't even originally intended for me. I will definitely go back for myself as I feel Christina and her team are truly honest and just want to help people the best they can.

Mark Newcomer

Christina absoultely nailed our reading. She told me things I would only have known over my wife's death. Helped bring closure too our family and continues to support us greatly. Thank you.

Amber McGonigal

Going to the Divine Medium was the best choice I made. Christina is amazing, I just love her. Christina was able to connect with my grandmother who had been killed in a car accident last year, I am finally at peace knowing that my gram has crossed over and is okay. During the visit christina was able to tell me what things to notice around the house and places that are signs from my gram. Sure enough my gram is with me every day. She also gave me great hope that the future could be great and a new relationship is forming which it is. I can't wait to go back and see The Divine Medium soon!! It was such a great experience that I will never forget.

Connie Morris

Our reading with Christina was excellent. So much information was retrieved from spirit we were truely amazed. The shop is nicely decorated and full of unique crystal and gift items. The staff is always helpful in selecting the perfect “gem buddies” and other products to suite your needs.

MJ Dilbert

Can't wait to go have another reading...couldn't believe all the things that Christina told me that were right on the money. You won't be sorry to make an appointment. Lots of neat items and beautiful things to purchase too! Check out the website and facebook page.

Amanda Brandle

Pittsburgh, PA

You walk in to this shop and automatically feel welcomed and at peace! The staff is knowledgeable and courteous! It is such a warm place to be and if You get a reading you will not leave disappointed, the time and detail are amazing! Christina is so compassionate when it comes to giving a reading to giving a tour of the shop! When you visit this place you will leave with an amazing experience and hopefully some nice healing candles, stones oh the bath salts are to die for! Can't wait to visit again!


There aren't many stores you can go into these days where the people behind the cashier know you and welcome you in. There are so many big stores taking over you lose that sense of "small town" but not here . The owner, Christina is absolutely incredible. In the times we live in its hard to trust and find a place to shop where you know your questions will be answered honestly and she will do everything in her power to get you what you need. We need more shops like this and more owners like Christina!!!

Whitney Raymond


An atmosphere like I've never experienced anywhere else! Christina is an incredible person who surrounds her clients/students with peace, love and warmth. Not only is her shop a wonderful place to visit but her group readings are amazing!!!! So glad God put me in the path of life to find a friend in Christina and get to know her astounding abilities and hoping to learn more from her! If you're reading this in curiosity because you've never met Christina, please take this as your hint to meet her!! You'll be happy you did! 😊

Jackie Flick

Salix, PA

I love going down to the shop, it is very comforting. Christina is very knowledgeable and a very caring person. The shop is very nicely laid out so that you can look around with ease and find anything that may need to help you along with your healing process, or even becoming closer to God. They have very beautiful crystals, Jewerly, sea salt healing soaks and much more. Stop in and check the shop out for yourself and you will just fall in love with it. I can't wait until my next visit! Love you Christina😀

Ashlee Hedderson

British Columbia

Absolutely Amazing! Christina is genuinely a Wonderful person! and really wants to help people in any way she can! my experiences with her have been Awesome! She has helped me with my house, my health and spirituality! Thank you so much for everything! <3

Traci Szpala

Christina is an amazing great hearted person who puts love and care into everyone who comes to her. She has helped comfort me after a loss of someone very close and still continues to do so. She keeps in contact at any point in time I need her ❤️ There isn't anything I could ever do to repay her for everything she has done for me ❤️

Katie Eash

Pittsburgh, PA

There's a lot of amazing looking stuff in Christina's shop, and she can customize just about everything. Her and her staff are all really friendly and genuine people. I took a class with Christina and it was truly an amazing experience. She makes you feel really peaceful and hopeful. I highly recommend visiting her shop and watching her Live Feeds on her Facebook page!

Victoria Rivera


Christina is an amazing medium, she is so dedicated to her work. Her shop has amazing items for sale, that would make wonderful gifts for anyone any time of the year no matter the occasion. Her prices are reasonable. So please check out her store and if you need a reading schedule one she is amazing.

Kara Carns

Latrobe, PA

I bought a set of cards and love the way i connect with them! Not to mention crystals i bought that i believe worked for me. I also did a spirit guide workshop where we went into meditation and i met my spirit guide, seen my spirit animal, and also seen my brother who passed. Christina is a very soulful human being that makes you feel very welcomed. Loved the atmosphere of the shop and love how rare it is to find such an awesome place.

Daniel Smith

Wife and daughter had an incredible experience communicating with our recently lost son. Pain will never go away but Christina helped give us a sense of peace we haven't had in quite some time. Can't wait to go for a reading myself.

Lisa Faidley

After meeting with Christina for the first time I now feel the greatest warmth and feelings from her. I made an appointment with her, had NOT a clue who she was or what I was gonna experience. After meeting with her, I now feel that she is highly skilled in her profession, and if ya have any questions she's the one to answer them. God gave her the most awesome talent. Go see for yourself!

Melissa M


Amber Rodkey

Had a fabulous experience! Christina knew things there is no way she could have known. She had a visit from my loved one even before my appointment! She was able to give me closure after a sudden loss. Her shop is great, I've developed a new found love for crystals. Would highly recommend the divine medium for readings, shopping, or just to learn from the plethora of teachings Christina pushes out.