Do you love crystals as much as we do but unsure what they do or how to use them? 

For the first time in my career, I'm now offering an online course in crystal knowledge and healing techniques! If you ever wanted to learn all about crystals and possess the best DIVINE crystal healing techniques in the world, including how to work certain crystals like wands and pyramids and other stones for health and healing, my Crystal Cove Shaman Course is finally here at a fraction of the cost of other online programs. I’m bringing years of teaching experience to this exciting BRAND NEW program and I can't wait for you to join me on this exciting new path. 

Release the Power of Crystal Knowledge

You will uncover the many metaphysical and physical properties of countless, different crystals and how to properly use them in your life. Learn the Scientific Magic behind what makes these glittery gems tick and energetically affect you mind, body, soul. You'll also delve into how to heal and shift toxic energy that no longer serves your higher purpose and assist your loved ones in this same healing manner. 


Your Crystal Journey Begins Here

We have so many wonderful customers that find their way into the Crystal Cove Shop in order to buy many different crystals but then ask where they can learn about the crystals, as well as, understanding how to use them and what to do with them once they purchase their little buddies. This has motivated me to start this course by bring confidence to those seeking crystal knowledge and empowerment of mastering crystal wisdom and hands on practice with this knowledge. 



Healing Begins With You

Each and every month, we will explore the many different ways you can use crystal energy. You will take a leisurely stroll along the knowledge of crystal programming, generators, crystal gridding, crystal altar energy, spheres, double terminated point wands, gem pendulums, crystal pyramids, body healing grids for any ailment, and more. 


You'll Discover: 

  • The ability to identify any crystal and understand their own individual properties. 

  • Understand the Science behind how crystals work

  • Set intentions and program the crystals purpose in your life

  • The ability to identify the gem types and their background history of origin

  • The ability to choose the correct stone format to use for your specific energy purpose

  • Learn how to body grid, as well as grid your sacred spaces (work, home, altar, etc)

  • Understand how dark stones and light stones work or don't work together

  • Properly protect your sacred space

  • The ability to identify the fakes from the reals

  • Understand the energy frequencies of upper and downer gems and more...


Meet Your Teacher: 

LIVE right from your living room comfy couch, you'll learn and empower through the step-by-step methods of the hands on teaching available to you. There will be many lessons to learn how to properly grid and protect your home or office, how to send or even receive healing energy, dispelling negative energy (especially from social media), and discover the amazing ways crystals will be come your new best friend. 

As your Teacher, it is my soul mission to bring you the knowledge to empower yourself against every day issues and to help bring your life a more abundant, happy, and healthy balance of energy. You will gain the confidence you need in order to choose and use the right crystals for your life and energy field of acceptance. 

You will also gain worthwhile friendships and bonds in our Crystal Cove Academy Facebook Classroom Page. You will connect with other like minded, learning individuals like yourself. I will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have in class. We are in this together! The path you are about to embark on will be full of acceptance, confidence, and love! 


Every month we will create a set of Crystal tools being used in class for that month. Each Crystal Buddy Box  will contain gems, wands, pyramids, or pendulums based off the custom design of the month's learning aspects. The tools chosen will altar to the month's theme and differ from month to month. You can simply subscribe to the Custom Crystal Buddy Box so your monthly class materials arrive to you every month, worry free! HOWEVER, you do not have to purchase the Crystal Buddy Box in order to attend the Crystal Cove Classes.  


Leaping IntoLearning

Beyond the LIVE class sessions each month (streamed LIVE on Facebook and archived for later viewing), you will also receive accompaniment PDF Worksheet & materials to engage your learning on various levels and help you integrate what is being taught.

The materials you will receive are: 

  • Document Format of your Class notes for future printing and use

  • Monthly worksheets on the month's class concept in order to assist you in adapting the teachings to your life

  • Access to the classroom page where all class notes, announcements, and even class video recordings will be posted for students to easily access it all

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for ongoing encouragement, support, and guidance from Christina and even the Soul Goddess Transformation Community

  • 15% Off Discount whenever you shop Crystals, Sages, Pendulums, and more at the Crystal Cove Shop

Class gatherings are conducted LIVE but for any reason you miss a class, you may retrieve the recording(s) in the archived page of the classroom at anytime. 

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