Don't Use the "A" Word!

Dark energy comes in many forms but no more so than through religious tactics and control. While saying repetitive prayer is daunting, it does help those who can't form their own words when wanting to connect to spirit. But what better way to control a mass society than having place the name of a demonic being inside a prayer sequence.

Who is he?

The main path of this particular energy is to keep secrets and hidden treasures. For centuries, this darkness has caused so much death and destruction because no one thought to ask, "Why do we say this random word that doesn't make sense in the English language to our prayers?" By saying this entities name, you are giving that entity your prayer to do what it will with those words of intention, instead of allowing God to do what He will with it. This is why so much control has been allowed for so long. Especially, in the past century with our own children. If someone hurt your child or children of this world, as a society, we would never be divided in the actions we would take against these assailants who've hurt them.

Our country joined as one during the attacked on 9/11. It was a time of great sorrow and pain. We as a collective conscious came together and supported one another, while at the same time, protecting one another from darkness that sought to attack us, once again. However, the religious have had blinders on their consciousness because many still fill the pews of the churches that continue to hurt children. These soul's choose to support the darkness that continues to plague the actions of the priests and no one blinks an eye at how disturbing this is.

We are to place the Armor of God over us and fight back against these dark energies. Coming together in support of the children who've been hurt so deeply and standing against the priests who've allowed their hearts to be darkened by demonic entities. Many children have taken their own lives because there has not been enough support protecting what had happened to them on so many occasions. Now is the time to change that!

When I arrived in 2009, my mission was to tear down the walls and lies that religion has created. The Guides and Angels are the army I bring with me to fight against what dark has created here. WE start by teaching and informing humanity of the ways of energy being placed and how it's being used. Use Jesus' energy to allow your prayers to be used in it's proper form. Don't use the "A" word at the end of a prayer, any longer! Give those loving words DIRECTLY TO GOD not some strange word that you KNOW deep down doesn't even make sense because it blinds you from seeking the truth of what it truly is and what it has been doing with your intentional prayers meant for our Lord.



You can make a simple change to your prayer intention by saying, "In Jesus Name" instead of what you've been used to saying, in order to end a prayer. By doing this, you give back control to God and your Guides on the intention of your prayer instead of this dark energy.

A prayer to get you started...

I forge this prayer of meditation and love to those who have been hurt by any dark energy in the past under the caregivers of the churches. I ask for healing for those who have been victims of this energy and ask that God's loving "arms" wrap around them and they feel His protection to their core. I pray for the soul's lost by their own hand. I ask that they be truly embraced in God's loving presence for He knows their pain and knows how to help them heal in His love. I pray that the men who've hurt these victims are forgiven and ask that God show them the way back to their soul's true path. I pray these men are lifted above the dark energy they so calmingly embraced blindly on their soul's journey. Place, also upon my heart the immense sovereignty of Jesus' blood that He so willingly sacrificed so I can know and understand love NOT religion. "IN JESUS NAME"


If you enjoyed this message of love and understanding, please comment your thoughts and feelings. We would love to hear from you. Also, share with your friends so they can know and understand the loving truth, as well.

In Jesus name I pray for you,

Dr. Christina Cay, CCH.


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