Levels of Experience Through the Eyes of a Soul

“All human beings are creating at the highest level that they are capable of in the present moment.”

— Lincoln Gergar

You may be one of those people who disagrees with this idea that everyone is creating at the highest level possible in the present moment. Or maybe you are just unsure how to feel on the topic, all together. If you struggle with this idea, please consider the different soul perspectives I will present to you in this special blog. One of them might resonate with you more than others. If so, start with that first. All the others will eventually fall into alignment over time.


Everyone you see is a reflection of incredibly complex sets of experiences, conditions, and decisions that humans have encountered from the time of their conception to the present moment in which you see them. Like me, they too are always trying to take the best action in each moment, based on what they know and what they are capable of. Both their knowledge and capabilities are changing and growing all the time.

I can never know how another person’s life experience is currently influencing their freedom to act in any particular way. To come even close to such an understanding of another opens our own heart and mind to the depths and wonders of the universe to a degree that we rarely experience.

In the end, I can only have compassion that they are creating the best life that they can at this moment point, knowing that no matter what our past, we are all always striving together to be better.


Each animal, plant, tree, and flower has a unique and different life experience (similar to humans), and so each will express itself in a unique way. We are also part of their life experience. For example, there is plenty of evidence that these other life forms (especially household plants and pets) thrive best when humans show love and care for them, and can suffer when that is withheld.

While humans are often more attracted to some plants and animals for aesthetic and other purposes, in truth, they all have equal value to express themselves and to be appreciated for that. This is because they are all doing the best that they can to live their life as the animal, plant, leaf or flower that they were born to be.

INANIMATE OBJECTS: (rocks, food, furniture)

Yes even rocks! Each rock is trying to be the best rock that it can be, and that also applies to the couch in your living room and the brownie on your plate. And each of these has a unique story to tell (similar to humans and plants), if one is sensitive enough to “hear” it.

You do not need to treat a rock as if it were a human (although some crystals are treated that way) — it is a rock, after all. But, you can appreciate that it is creating at the highest level available to it at this moment point in time, and appreciate it for that. By doing so your view of everything in existence will change. The world will become a more awe-inspiring place than you ever thought possible.


Many of us are highly critical of decisions and actions we have taken over the course of our lives. However, was there ever a decision or action taken by you that was not done to the best of your ability at the time you did it? In retrospect, if it did not turn out well, then that is the lesson that you needed to learn.

For some of us, we need to learn that same lesson many times (or in many lifetimes) before we finally figure out how to jump to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. However, because we are always doing the best we can, we are also always moving our consciousness to a higher level. We are just not very aware of that most of the time.

We, of course, will need to face the personal and social consequences of any actions that we take — that is part of the learning that we all came to Earth for.

Understanding that we are creating our life at the highest level that we are capable of at this moment in time also allows us to forgive ourselves for what we judge as “bad” actions. It encourages us to focus on learning, appreciating, and enjoying our life as a human on this planet.


We exist as individuals, but we also exist as a part or aspect of a variety of larger collective groups, including an ethnicity, a family, a community (region, town/city), a state/nationality, a continent, a planet (Earth), a solar system, and a galaxy. Each of these (and many more in between them) evolves to higher levels of consciousness through the overall evolution of its parts, which includes us.

It is difficult for most individuals to conceive of these forms and levels of consciousness development.

“At every moment the universe is achieving at the highest level it is capable of through all the individual beings present.” — L.G.

So when we consciously work on ourselves, to move ourselves to higher levels of consciousness, awareness and being, we are simultaneously working on the many different collectives that we are a part of. This applies both to our physical dimension on planet Earth, and the non-physical dimensions that we are a part of.

The universe is always expanding into something greater than it was before. And each of us, by innately creating at the highest level we are capable of, are an integral part of that process.

- Dr. Christina Cay Watts, CCH.

Moon Eir

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