Retrograde... Don't just survive! REVIVE!

If I told you that a train moving faster pass a slower moving train, the slower one appears to be moving backwards, but of course that is not at all true. They are both moving forward, but the slower train just appears like it is moving backward. Retrograde planet works in the same formation by essentially a faster moving planet is passing a slower moving planet creating the illusion that the slower planet is moving backward or retrograding. For this illusion to appear in this way, it takes energy to pull it off. Energy that throws the alignment of energy in connection bonding with spirit and physical causes many ailments upon both realms of existence. If you looked at a clock and it suddenly started going backwards in direction, you would find this to be of poltergeist energy or even wonder if you had entered an alternate reality. A planet moving in retrograde motion is just like a clock moving backwards. In doing so, the retrograde energy asks for your mind to adjust to the temporary flux in messages and communications. It's like putting your mind into another spacial time zone, haha. I know... nothing to laugh about but you have to look at this all as weirdly humorous because spirit works in such amazing ways.

Now we see Retrograde as always negative but we aren't seeing the upside to it all and maybe we should take a moment to explore those benefits. You don't want to take advice where someone tells you to "STOP! Drop everything you are doing until the planet goes back into alignment." That is neither plausible nor realistic to accomplish. Many can't just simply put a hold on their lives. You can make such creative possibilities during retrograde. REALLY insightful ideas that can flourish. Goals being manifested and a time for clarity of what you need from others may become your top priority during a retrograde. These times give you a chance to dig deeper into situations. Really putting everything under a microscope and seeing more of the details you weren't seeing before. Retrograde energy truly has a way of pointing you towards a resolution even if you can't see the path to these resolutions at first. It can open your eyes to new opportunities and new options. Seeking the answers to an obstacle that is blocking your path. You may realize there is nothing to fix at the time but as time passes through retrograde you may decide to walk away from a situation or muster up the courage and strength to face the pack of wolves staring you down by dealing directly with the issue(s) at hand.

This might sound oversimplified but if you stay positive during a retrograde your creative energy multiplies and you tend to believe in yourself more. Over my years of experience, I've noticed individuals who cycle through misery often let their negative thoughts control them during a retrograde period. You will attract more positive experiences if you remain in a positive energy.

Change is ALWAYS inevitable and retrogrades teach us to accept these changes and the fact that life is a HUGE series of adjustments to changing circumstances. When planets are in motion to the beat of retrogrades drum, we focus more on our overall game plan but all the while paying close attention to all the details and strategies to that plan. What are all our options during this important time and why does it seek to change us?

Survival Guide Toolbox:

Mercury Retrograde:

  • Think positive.

  • Review all details BUT don't obsess over them.

  • Rethink what you are trying to convey to others. Communication is key!

  • Try not to become a worry wort about how something will play out or how an outcome will turn out.

  • Be open minded to change and all new possibilities of learning.

Venus Retrograde:

  • Maintain your self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Create equality in your partnerships. Both are souls learning and deserve to be treated as equal soul learners.

  • Embrace abundance and prosperity.

  • Balance stability with emotional Intensity.

  • Believe in a bright, hopeful future... don't you think you deserve it?

Mars Retrograde:

  • Channel your energy productively.

  • Patience is wisdom and virtue to behold. Learn to perfect this practice.

  • Don't be afraid to express your ideas openly to all who'll listen.

  • Be aware of other's needs, rather than in your own self bubble of awareness.

  • Be assertive rather than overly demanding. You catch more flies with honey!

The Communicational Planet

Mercury retrograde helps us to exchange ideas and become multi-functional in our desires and wants. We also absorb new learning processes. This period of change seeks to keep you mentally curious and wanting to take new paths of learning. Business tactics, discovering new trends, sharing information with others, a desire to move in multiple directions at the same time, health and dieting are all part of the Mercury package. It helps you to become more in tune with your negative tendencies and points a way to change this pattern. So, all these paths can become more open to positive change for you.

You must let go of perfections and remain positive; guarding your mind against negative thoughts. Always be open to change. Many will warn you not to move forward in a risk like manner during a Mercury retrograde but this advice can hinder progress in your favor. Adjusting your plans or goals could be a great idea especially when making use of the reflective energy and rethinking a strategy which displays wisdom on your part.

Always receive and give criticism CAREFULLY! Criticisms during a retrograde can be taken out of context easily and portrayed worse than what it was originally meant. It hurts more than usual. Retrograde lowers your resistance to fight off negative energy unless you are determined to resist it with all your gusto. Also, avoid communicational breakdowns. Getting on the same page takes work but don't be shocked if you find yourself repeating the same thing three or more times in different ways to get your point across. Picking the "right" time to discuss a sensitive topic is vital to the success of the outcome you hope to reach. Take time to recharge and gather your thoughts and approach in a loving manner to get the best results from a sensitive situation.

Keep a retrograde journal. You don't need to be a fabulous writer but rather simply jotting down your thoughts will help you deal with Mercury retrograde and could be very informative later to you. This is a time to be a Mercury retrograde detective during this time. Research and probe your own thoughts as a way to gain insight into your life situations. This will help you to determine a course of action in order to stay calm and centered during this period of rough terrain.

Unless you have a COMPLETE "psychic" connection with someone, you MUST always communicate! They can't read your mind... yet ;) It helps to verbalize your wants and needs from the other person. Don't forget your expectations, otherwise you will be perceived as living in your own little world. Always express what is on your mind.

Crystals that help with Mercury Retrograde:

  • Labradorite helps one to look beneath the dark shadows, to discover the underlying lessons that are meant to be learned. Whenever you feel yourself speeding up and going into a tailspin, slow down and find your point of balance by connecting with labradorite.

  • Black Tourmaline assists in letting go of fear, anxiety and chaotic energy grounding you into the energy of the Earth. Black tourmaline also offers strong protective energies during this chaotic period.

  • Hematite pulls any unwanted excess negative energy from your body into itself to clear your energy field.

  • Amazonite will assist you in speaking with clarity and grace. Great stone for clear communication. It offers calm and soothing energies, which will provide benefit during this time of anxiety and stress.

  • Fluorite helps to release stress and anxiety by emitting peace. Often referred to as an energetic vacuum cleaner, it sucks up and neutralizes negative energy to bring harmony and balance.

  • Clear Quartz It vibrates pure white light, removing any blockages or obstacles that lie in your path. Also, brings clarity when feeling lost or loosing of memory.

The Relationship Planet

Venus will entice you to seek out a mate or stimulate you to find valuable friendships. Venus doesn't believe you should be alone but rather in the company of others who pulsate with inner desire for likemindedness as you do. This matchmaker of the skies would rather you take your time finding that right person for you who treats you with equality and respect. It understands you won't be happy if you continue to sacrifice your own needs and wants to please others.

You need to make decisions and weigh out options. It may be painful to finally make a selection but doing so liberates you in moving forward and that feeling of refreshment and peace are restored within you. Possessions are also a big thing with Venus. What gives you personal satisfaction by the things you own? This drive for success and the power of ownership can become an illusionary trap. The goal here is not allow your wealth and ambition become unbalanced. And when dealing with others, take the higher ground. Always walk in someone else's shoes, even if they look like they don't fit, just go with it. :P

Follow through on your decisions and reward yourself for doing so. It is easy to get lost in other people's problems. You feel too responsible for them and with this responsibility comes your downward spiwirling attitude. When Venus is in retrograde, this activity will intensify. Make a plan to uplift your spirits and behavior. Do activities that you enjoy and love. You could enjoy a good meal and a movie. Maybe purchase yourself something nice. Get a new hairstyle. Bye a new crystal or book. Take a mini vacation. Just to name a few. Yes receiving can be difficult when you don't feel like you deserve it. It take practice to uplift yourself to this level. Venus is actually an amazing time to reverse this cycle in which you tend to give rather than receive and feel better balanced. If the people in your life aren't good at giving you what you need, then guess what crystal hippie buddi? You need to take back control and give what you need to YOURSELF.

Since Venus is relationship based, It will make it an issue to resolve any issues in your love life. This is a perfect time to put things right. Don't be in a rush to accomplish this task. And above all, DO NOT say yes when you mean NO! Venus will prompt you to be overly accommodating, especially when you are already like this. It is in the best interest of you and others to speak more truthfully about what makes you happy and what you need most.

During this retrograde, it's a time to pull away from negative people. If your wants or needs aren't being met or denying what you really need just to stay with someone is a time to rescue yourself from this form of unhappiness. Being honest with yourself, is the first step. Venus will reveal very quickly the reward for leaving behind a limited relationship and the new paths available to you. If you perform this departure during this retrograde cycle, you will find a new found freedom. You will need to retrain your mind to see the amazing qualities you've always had and to seek healthier relationships. Venus is here to remind you the value of who you are.

Venus is connected to acquiring possessions and lots of them. So, be careful during this time on how much you spend. Buying minor items won't get you into trouble but when you start to get into higher ticketed prices, make sure there is a return policy in case it doesn't work out once the cycle ends and you have buyer's regret. Find a safe spot to put receipts because Venus is known for mysteriously disappearing items. But all in all, avoid purchasing big expenses until the cycle ends.

You don't want to allow yourself to feel isolated during this time. Maintain the support you need because there is a tendency to pull back from others and Venus encourages you to form relationships. There is nothing wrong with recharging your battery by getting some downtime with friends for a fun evening or lunch in. Venus is a strong relationship planet that helps you to listen closely to the needs of others and allow yourself to ride out any tension built between you and them. So, work on the relationships that mean the most to you and seek out new alliances. Being around positive, upbeat people will lift your spirits and give you the confidence to seek happy abundance from these relationships. By having a wide range of friends and social business contacts will always help you to open new options and opportunities.

Crystals that help with Venus Retrograde:

  • Rhodonite works on removing any toxic relationship influences while promoting healthy emotions and pure type of love.

  • Rose Quartz is the number one crystal for all things related to love from self-love to family love, and unconditional love to love for life itself. It transmutes any negative energy and heals blocks you may have that prevent you from finding or accessing the purest, best version of love.

  • Morganite will support your journey to be calm. It will protect you from harsh emotions to give you a safe space to figure out—what do I really want from my relationships? Similar to Rose Quartz, Morganite will allow you to be open and vulnerable to express that love. It will help you to open up your heart until you release any past karmic energy and instead focus on the present and future love blessings.

  • Celestite you better not leave at home if you are going on a date! This stone will show you the truth. It is a tranquilizer for the rockiness of Venus retrograde can inspire in an otherwise successful relationship, creating an atmosphere of peaceful negotiation and infusing the heart with purity.

The Warrior Planet

Anger is a natural emotion and is part of life's learning. This is the cycle of anger that Mars brings to the table. There is NO getting away from it! So, it does not do anyone any good to simply hide your anger because this causes a build up inside. Then it comes out in ways that can hurt others either physically or emotionally. Your happiness will also take a big hit. So, be honest with yourself when you are feeling upset about something. Mars encourages one to stimulate their daredevil and not hold back fear from facing a challenge. But this planet also sounds an inner alarm that sounds loudly to let you know if a situation is too dangerous to accept. There will be times when this planet will encourage to throw caution to the wind.

During Mars Retrograde, you will feel the need to defend your ideas and creativity with a fierce passion. Mars will stimulate your mind to make a strong statement of those ideas in your favor. Being assertive is another trait of Mars. Call to your personal power and see that your needs are met. It's not about overpowering others but rather to make sure you are making progress towards your own personal goals and their success.

Mars enjoys seeing you take its fiery spirit energy and adopt it as your own so as to live your life to the fullest it can be. Some have been accused of being self-centered during the Mars cycle, this might be true but you never want to loose sight of those who need your support for their own needs, hopes and goals for their own lives.

DO NOT burn your bridges during this time. Mars is meant to slow you down and help you to face deep dark issues within yourself in order to achieve the most goals in your life. There is a certain drive with this retrograde that helps you blast your way through any obstacle placed in front of your path. This energy has a way to arise an instinct to erase the past, almost like it never existed. But your past helps you form the next steps towards your future. Think of how your past has created who you are now. The bad, the good, and the middle! It will also convince you that you need to rid yourself of a current situation in a quickness. Flying away form past issues seems to be the top priority with Mars. So, during this retrograde don't put yourself into a frying pan and then into a fire or worse. Take time to slow down so your best clarity of mind can weigh out all your decisions. In the end, you'll be glad you did. You will most likely look back and wonder what the h--- you were thinking,

During this retrograde, you MUST get enough rest. Mars has a way of draining your energy to completion. It is a high-energy drink or coffee and when in its highest peak, it sparks endorpYouetter during the high energy levels of Mars. While trying to fall asleep, your mind will keep thinking about what you need to do and these crystals will help aid you in what you need to do with your mind and body while in sleep mode.

Learning to forgive during this time, is important since the anger energy is so high. Mars has a way of stirring things up like a blender and creating confusion. Anger can bring you into a negative state of mind and allowing yourself to sit down and talking it through will help elevate these feelings. Now, you may still need to distance yourself from a person if you really can't make any peace but at the end of the day, rid yourself of the negative baggage by forgiving them and understanding that everyone is learning in their own way. Including you! So, learn to forgive yourself, as well.

The theme of Mars is to renew your own identity. The question, "Who am I?" comes up during this time. Think of this as getting to know yourself a little better. Reinventing yourself will come to mind during this retrograde. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to change everything about yourself. But you will feel the power to create a new reality for yourself. A refresher course in who you are. Now, you don't have to act upon these thoughts and simply see it as a need to envision yourself in a different light. Imagining a new life could fill you with greater energy. And not allowing others to get to you through judgement of what they would think if you acted upon this path, isn't unusual. However, you must work through an inner movement to better why you are and letting yourself be who you want to be, no matter what others may think of you. Go after your dreams and be who you want to be in this world and learn what you feel you need to learn!

The retrograde period cycle comes with great practice and remembering not to panic. You will discover your most greatest insights during a retrograde. Use this time wisely in your favor. Don't become overwhelmed during these periods of change. We aren't meant to stay stagnate in our learning but to change and shake it up a bit. If we stayed in the same position of learning, it would be super boring and no one wants that!

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