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Updated: Mar 16

When you take a look in the mirror, I want you to ponder on the times you've felt fear. Every time that you look at yourself in the mirror, that mirror that represents your family situations, your friends, your job, even the way you see yourself. The morning ritual of your day that brings you to that mirror and the look into your experiences you've lived with individually, separately, or even from all other experiences combined. I want you to take a look at each one of those moments that brought you to that feeling of fear and allow it to bring you a step closer to where you need to be in your soul learning and move from where we you are in that fear by taking the step forward towards overcoming that feeling by transforming it.

Each moment of fear you have or even experienced, I want you to take that moment in your hands and imagine breathing love onto it, breathe compassion onto it. Send that breath from your lungs, the very breath that makes you alive inside and helps you exist in this world and makes you who you are. This is the power of breath and our hands that were able to take that which we think is just a concept or a feeling, and make it into something different. So take that fear that is in your mind and put it in your hands; look at it and bless it; and ask it the following questions – Where did you come from? Who are you really? Where are you going? Then breath into it, along with your new message of life and soul purpose.

Remember, we are not erasing the fear completely out of its own existence... but rather erasing the patterns that come through as fear and through the experience of fear. Those patterns of thought and behaviour are the ones that we sometimes don’t even know where they come from, or how we placed them there. However, It does not matter. They are there for a reason! They are there for a purpose! Make fear that purpose you need it to be. Take complete ownership of fear and the purpose that you are in the cosmos, made of the cosmos, and exist as comosical source love.

Take ownership of the purpose that comes from being the cosmos. Take ownership of it.


We can do this by aligning with the teaching that lives inside the fear itself. And you may ask how is this done? Let's say the fear is driven by the fear of walking away or breaking ties with someone, then what is the issue that makes you afraid of cutting those ties? What is the purpose of that fear? How can you transform the fear and send it to the cosmos of your soul purpose? Continue this exercise in mindful awareness with each of these kinds of fears at the moment they happen. It may not be convenient for you; you may even be at a store, or at work, but acknowledging the fear and doubt with your thoughts and your body in a soft whisper:

“I see you and thank you fear. Now, let us be one within the cosmos of I Am Sourcee and move on to bigger and better things for my soul life purpose."

By taking that moment to work with your fears and transform them, you can now enhance your relationship with your inner and outer cosmos. The cosmos of peace, understanding and kindness to yourself and others, and to living in alignment with your Source Creator.

You are taking ownership of its presence in your life and you are not letting it take over your life at that moment. By simply acknowledging it and transforming it to align with you and your being, you are already taking your power back by moving from that fear and taking the step forward needed in your soul learning.


One of the things that I have worked through in this life since my arrival in 2009, has been dealing with my own fears or doubts; and moving from that into a place of action and transformation, even renewal. I've moved my experiences into a place where I can feel safe and powerful as I already am. I only share this hidden part of myself with you so that you may see that we are not all perfect. On the contrary. None of us are perfect! We are, however, perfection embodied in a human body that allows us to experience imperfection at many, MANY levels.

The perfection of our essence comes from and through how we deal with the imperfections of our humanity.

We cannot experience being the cosmos we are, until we experience the human that we are in this body. Being the cosmos is not a religion but an opportunity to engage in enlightened conversations about what is beyond our limitations and transforming them into actions and power over your own soul learning. It becomes a moment in time to talk about that which is beyond the passive mind which tells us that it is and does exist. Fear will always conjure up in our lives but it's how you take that fear and transform it, that matters the most.

Have I dealt with all my fears and now I'm suddenly going to be free of fears? No way! That is the least of things to happen in my life and yours. Transforming fear into purpose does not make it disappear and not show up in future moments/events. Fear is placed in our lives so we can learn from it, not necessarily escape it but rather learn from it and bring forth action from it. Let’s make fear something different.  Something with meaning and color to it. Let’s make it work for us, make it work for you. You are the cosmos, you are not your fears!

Repeat this statement daily, as you look in the mirror and the mirror of your soul.

I am not my fears; I Am the Cosmos!

Using fear as a tool for transformation is the path to mastery, and thus the path to your own personal ascension.

Divine Blessings,


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