What's it Like Being an Empath?

Like a superhero, an empath has the special ability to sense the emotions of others. There's a difference between empathy and sympathy. If someone is feeling empathic, it is recognized as sharing someone else's actual perspective, whereas someone simply feeling sympathy for another, is mainly just a concern for the other person's feelings.

Empaths are very highly aware of their energetic surroundings. Some are even highly powered in telepathic abilities or floratic energy, which simply means one can connect and feel the emotions of plants. But as fancy as this world seems from the outside, living with it can be quite challenging. Especially, if one is unaware they even have this special power. Most empaths are in the dark about their gifts. However, the more developed empaths are, the more they seek to help and heal others. Just like a sponge, they absorb energy and emotions from everyone around them which actually helps them to be more sympathetic to others in need or hurting. Some are even called in by law enforcement, like myself, to assist on numerous cases. It takes a special superhero to help officers do their job better. I'm no superhero but I sometimes feel I am the sword to their armor by helping them get ahead in the game of violence. Like the unseen army of dark, these entities seek to destroy not only this planet but any soul that seeks to learn and grow in spirit from it. It's my honor to help such men and women in that field. It's hard to get up, place that uniform on KNOWING you have a target on your back!

There are, however, many positives to being an empath but the challenge is honing that gift all the while protecting yourself. Being an empath has two sides: the visible in combination to the invisible. It is not uncommon for an empath to "freak out" or "shut down" around others. As a business owner, I am expected to be happy "go lucky" every single minute of each day but there are days when someone will walk in and I will completely shut down. I can feel every visible and invisible emotion and unspoken energy vibe coming from them. If I stay in the shop for too long, with people coming in and out, I can become completely drained like a battery by mid-day. I will want to be smothered in pillows and blankets yawning my way to sleep. Which is why I've come up with several methods to protect myself, which I will share with you in this blog.

Absorbing Energy

Being an empath can be very confusing. They are constantly being assaulted by emotions and can't figure out why they feel the way they do, and therefore can't address the core issue causing it. Emotional empaths are very sensitive, so sensitive, that they can absorb any negative emotions coming from others in their own body, and sometimes even actually take it on physically. So when an empath is around somebody who is anxious, they can absorb that energy into their body, when it isn't even their own anxiety. Hence, for example, why we suggest, at the shop, a crystal called Goldstone. Keeping this stone around you at all times, helps to subside any empathic anxiety you are absorbing from others around you.

As a medium, I tend to take on the emotions and even the physical attributes of past loved ones. If Nanna had a heart attack, I will feel the side affects of having an actual heart attack. If Dad had walked with a cane before he passed due to a knee injury, that spirit will make sure that the energy goes through my body so I can feel the suffering they endured, firsthand, so I can relay EXACTLY who they are for the client sitting before me. In one group reading, a past soul came forth to show me she was strangled to death. The invisible suffering grabbed hold of my body, keeping me from breathing. My assistant and the host of the group had to help me off my chair in order to take me out of the room so I could get away from the energy and breath, again. In these types of situations, I CAN NOT put up a protection because if I did, I wouldn't know who your family is coming through. So, I consciously choose not to protect myself.

What's mine is not what's yours!

I am often asked, "How can I tell what are my emotions and not someone elses." This is actually easier than what most make it. You know yourself better than anyone else. You can pick up that you are either a normally a happy person and if you suddenly become angry or depressed, you will actually know something's awry. Let me show you an example of how this works. Last Saturday, I was feeling great and actually had a wonderful nights sleep, the night before. I came to the shop feeling rested and happy. About 2 hours later, my mood quickly shifted to frustration. It didn't take me very long to figure out I was feeling Justin miles away in our home stressing out over a leak in one of our upper bedroom ceilings. The unique part of my Empathic Ability, and at times it can be a curse, is feeling the living, the souls crossed over, and I can feel either of these energies from very far distances. So far as Ireland, Australia, London, Italy and Singapore where I have many clients. Energy goes where it is being called upon or sent. The second you take spirit and energy out of the societal mind frame of trying to contain it into one idea, you allow spirit to be exactly what it is. FREE!


Doesn't matter if you are at home or at Starbucks, energy is energy. It isn't contained but rather roams wherever it decides to go. I remember being out of body during the first accident in 2009 and while in this state of heightened awareness, all it took was ONE THOUGHT... a millisecond of a second of a thought... to spiritually move to another place or area. If I wanted to be in the hallway of the hospital, instead of standing next to the bed my body was laying in, I simply placed the fast acting thought into my spirit's mind and BAM! I was there, in the hallway observing the hard working nurses and doctors merrily going about their day helping heal the sick that surround them in every corner.

Another important aspect of being detached from the body is the heightened empathic energy you feel from others. I could feel my sister's emotional concerns and frustrations with what was happening to me. When you feel a soul living a human life while your in spirit form across the veil of protection, you can feel other's emotions at heightened levels unknown to Earth. You can also hear their thoughts as if they were speaking directly to you on a telephone but for a spirit to reciprocate that communication back, they must use fragmented words, clips of pictures, play out old memories in your mind, play music with lyrics that create a worded message from them, show signs that you know is them and/or manipulate objects like tv's, radios, phones, even toys to show their presence because the energy here makes it hard to get a signal through. So, it's our job, especially as an empath, to be more observant and aware of your surroundings in order to pick up on these energies.

An empath needs to become more mindful and practice quieting their soul in order to fully understand the energies around them and how to discern what these energies are doing to them. No one knows your body and your moods better than you. You would be the first one to pick up on a chnage that you KNOW isn't yours. Once you notice these subtle changes, you can use any of the methods presented in this blog to start on a path of protection over yourself. This new path is so very exciting... Give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far in life with such a challenging ability.

How do I know what's going on with me?

An empath can take on A LOT of energy but I am about to teach you how to distinguish between your own feelings and health issues as opposed to someone else's whether living or none or if you are being plagued by dark attacks.

If you are around someone that has health issues, you will IMMEDIATELY feel some or all of their ailments. When I am with a client who is getting a healing done by me, I can immediately tell if they are having a shoulder issue or maybe chronic headaches, or even a knee issue. Those energies do not stay long. With these kinds of encounters, one must always take measures to protect oneself. If you don't protect yourself, those ailments can last hours, even days, before that energy dissipates but no longer than that.f it lasts longer than that time frame, you have something more going on. I show you more in this blog how to protect yourself in the information provided below. So, keep reading! :)

If you are having everyday mental and physical issues, that is part of your soul contracts learning, and can't be removed unless you mindfully heal it yourself. Many take on certain health paths and mental illness issues in order to learn better from these experiences. I find these souls be very heroic in their soul contract decisions. By taking on such burdens, they are choosing to walk tough paths that no one fully understands except them. Yes you can overcome it and yes you can heal from it. BUT it takes SOUL POWER and mindfulness of control over your own thoughts in order to do this. That is why it's a tough path to learn from and why I commend anyone who takes on these types of learning paths.

If you SUDDENLY have more than a month of depleted energy you've never dealt with before, this can be of a more sinister attack upon your energy that looks to distract you from your purpose of learning. This is so you can no longer move forward with your path. It almost stalls your learning, in a way. The symptoms of this kind of attack are as follows:

  • Rapid fatigue that happens very early in the day

  • Depression for no known reason

  • Impatient, more testy than normal

  • Lack of clear thinking

  • Mood Swings, not yourself (these are different than your normal bi-polar systems that you may have had all your life)

  • "Leaky Aura"

  • Muscle tension like you are carrying heavy boulders

  • Sudden headaches and/or nausea

  • Mental confusion

  • No hearing your Guides like you had before or dismissing their guidance

  • Suddenly hating the smell of sage(s)

  • Feeling grumpy all the time

  • People acting weird or suddenly not wishing to speak to you

  • People suddenly turning on you when deep down they know you and wouldn't normally do that

  • Over eating out of no where

  • Confidence starts to disappear

  • Constant bad luck, forgetful, slip ups

  • Feeling less than yourself

  • Thoughts of doing bad things to yourself

  • Hearing voices, being told what to do, being pressured relentlessly (Guides do not do this and they never TELL you what to do... they guide you to options and YOU choose due to your free will of learning from a path)

Do not worry about angering these beings for they cannot hurt you unless you allow them to. There are many methods to ridding this type of energy but the top most are calling in Michael, the Angel that rids dark, placing a shielding of white light around you and placing the Blood Of Jesus over you, PROFESSIONAL cord cutting, and/or keeping your mind happy, fun, and positive. Entities HATE it when you are having fun and laughing. They will eventually get bored with you and move on to their next easy target. Once they do, pray that that person (soul) has the power to do the same as you.

Am I an Empath?

Energy is very strong and when you are an empath, most do not fully understand what you are enduring. ONLY another empath can fully understand the trials and challenges one goes through on a day to day basis. Empaths are born not made! They are generally very understanding towards others and often times will ask questions rather than make snap judgments. They intuitively seem to "know" there is more to a story than what meets the eye. Watching TV, videos on media, or movies brings out their emotional sensitive side. News and broadcasts show violence and can cause great emotional drama to an empath. Anything violence depicting shocking scenes of physical or emotional pain inflicted children and ESPECIALLY animals can bring an empath easily to tears and cause great distress.

Empaths aren't people who "read" the future or even predict paths. Rather they "read" people and situations. They're often problem solvers and thinkers. They will study many things. Where a problem is, so too is the answer, as far as empaths are concerned.

So, what are my symptoms, Doc?

  • Heightened Senses like your sense of smell or sight, even hearing and touching. You may even taste energy. For example, I will smell rotten flesh when something dark lingers near or a will feel the air swirl around my hand when Jesus comes around me.

  • You will have a heightened awareness to your feelings with others around you. You may feel their pain in their body and upon asking them, "Hey, do you get pain in your right shoulder blade?" and they confirm... you know your awareness is heightened.

  • Noises may startle you or you may choose to be around quiet energy and avoid loud noises.

  • You may be easily hurt by others and even be heavily moved to tears because of the emotions stirring inside you.

  • Overly sensitive or even called a hypochondriac.

  • Sitting next to someone you suddenly become heavy and tired. Suddenly wanting or needing a nap.

  • You tend to "shut down" in crowded situations or even feel sick and uneasy. Or it will take you awhile to warm up to the people around you in that crowd.

  • You tend to run from doctors or any medical tests that may need done, telling yourself, "You'll be fine."

  • You have many unexplained symptoms and doctors can't find the answer or you are constantly tired and drained of your own energy.

  • You stay home rather than venture out into the world and explore. You prefer your couch rather than places that can enlighten your spiritual learning.

  • You tend to KNOW what is actually going on with someone despite what they are actually trying to tell you. I call this the "BS" detector test. (An empath can take the body language, the spoken words, and even the energy behind the words spoken to them all at the same time. When an individual is feeling something but acting or speaking something else, instinctively the Empath knows this.)

  • Great desire to help others.

  • You read body language very well. Especially in the eyes.

  • You are most drawn to a healing profession or medical field career. Maybe even an active rights path.

  • You will avoid conflict at any length and prefer to be in situations where harmony surrounds you. You seek calm over chaos.

  • You "feel" the atmosphere around you.

  • You "sense" something around you. Goosebumps, tingles, shivers.

  • The weather may affect you in a sensitive way. You may feel more exuberant than most on a warm sunny day, whereas, someone else would think of it as just another day. (Psychiatrists that are diagnosing a patient that they are unaware is an empath with what they call "manic" is simply a situation that an empath deems is joyful or even fulfilling which is often taken on as energy. This energy then comes into the physical as a symptom that is very similar to euphoria. These patients aren't manic but rather overly sensitive to joyful fulfillment. The medical community DOES NOT KNOW how to treat Empaths sadly due to non-training and uneducation on the subject.  

  • Animals and even children flock to you like treats and candy. Animals smoother you in love.

  • Music is your language and you use it often to express yourself. You even feel lost in the melodies as if your from another time, another place.

  • You think more with your heart than with your mind. Leaving the Ego in the dust.

  • People divulge their whole life stories to you. They feel safe around you, even strangers you've never met.

  • You want to move mountains to protect people and animals that are being wronged but then feel overwhelmed in how to do so.

  • You emotionally dissociate from others that you know are bad but you can't prove it physically.

  • You tend to deal with insomnia or random sleep patterns that are never abled to be controlled.

  • You take on other regular symptoms like nausea, headaches/migraines, dizziness, constipation, anxiety, body temperature changes, and lethargic as an everyday thing. So much so, you can count on having one or more of these symptoms per day.

  • Feeling powerless over your life or situations, when in reality, you have full control.

Which Empath are You?

Medium Empath - feels the presence of spirit; feeling, hearing or even seeing them.

Prudent Empath - the most common empath. They do not make a move in a situation or life without making sure the outcome goes smoothly.

Claircognizant / Intuitive Empath - the ability to know when someone is misleading others on purpose.

Psychometric Empath - receives energy impression messages from non-organic items, like a piece of jewelry.

Emotional Empath - feeling a person's emotional pain on a deeper level than normal, "muggle" people.

Physical (Medical) Empath - feels physical pain of others that can manifest itself in the body of the empath. If someone has a migraine, the empath can feel this pain in their own body.

Precognitive Empath - senses something will happen before it does. This empath also has insightful, prediction dreams.

Geomantic Empath - senses signals coming from Earth when something bad is going to happen.

Fauna Empath - interacts with animals and feels them on a deep, emotional level.

So Now What Do I Do?

I bet you're saying to yourself, "Wow! I'm like 98% on that list. Now, what do I do? How can I tell others how I'm feeling and how do I accept this gift now that I know I am one?" I recently was attacked on Facebook by a woman that came to my shop that thought I was rude to her and her son. This mortified me because one I don't recall this person coming in nor do I remember what I was doing at the time. What I do know, and I've mentioned it above, I encounter many energies and when faced with certain ones, I tend to shut down. This is in no way meant to be mean to anyone but rather how my psyche calculates the environment and immediately goes into what I refer to as "energy survival mode." As an empath, you can make others understand nor can you argue with them over how you feel. NO ONE should be telling you how you feel. I felt like my ownership over what I may have been feeling that day, was taken from me and I had to explain myself, when in reality, I was never going to change this woman's perspective of that day. I tried to explain but to no avail. Remember... you can change others but you can change yourself. I choose to ignore the rantings and move on to more happier things. By doing this, I took back ownership over my own feelings.

You as an empath must learn to do the same. Stop making excuses for being exactly that... A WONDERFUL, AMAZING EMPATH! Yes sometimes we get in weird moods. We sometimes can't help that. Our own psyche is simply trying to figure things out in the midst of things happening around us. Give yourself a moment to talk to your Guides and listen to how they guide you in a situation. They will never steer you wrong. If you encounter someone that you know is draining your energy, politely explain your emotions and that you may need to walk away for a few seconds to regain your energy because your energetic chemistry isn't matching theirs at the moment and you need to step away in order to feel better. You can also explain that this is normal for you. Yes, their energy is draining you but most individuals aren't even aware they are doing this to others and we, as loving empaths, must understand their own learning path.

I have a dear friend that is like this. I've recently had to explain to her how her energy has been affecting me and that I've had to back away from our friendship because it was draining me. I explained why it was draining me in hopes that she could adjust how she comes at me when we are interacting. This worked for a few days but then she was back to her normal self and I've had to pull away, again. See, most don't know they are doing these things, even when you point it out to them. They are learning in a certain way and the only person you can change, is yourself!

We love our family and friends dearly but sometimes we have to pull back so we have enough energy to help others, as well as ourselves, and this is ok to do. Your Guides understand, firsthand, how you are learning and whom you are learning from but they also understand when you need a break from that learning. Remember... there are no right or wrong paths. Mistakes or failures. There's just learning. How you learn is up to you. NO ONE can learn for you!

Accepting Who You Are..

It took a long time for me to accept my path as, not only a medium, healer, and teacher, but also as a high vibrational empath. I arrived here with the veil lifted and found walking in spirit on Earth was very difficult for me. Maria, my Guide, know of my struggle. But one day she had a long talk with me. She, in so many words, sat me down, and said, "If you don't accept who you are, how will anyone else?" Her words ripped through to my core. So, I ask you today... Will you accept yourself and your special empathic gift no matter what others think of it? No matter how one thinks of your gift their perception isn't going to change suddenly and your gift isn't going to go away suddenly. So, why not simply accept it and see where your life takes you. Others aren't learning what you are learning nor are they living your life. So, why would you allow their perceptions to rule what you do with your own life and learning? I let that that simmer inside your mind because I have a strong feeling you know I'm right! Be proud of who you are and don't allow others to dictate who you become in this world. If I did that, I wouldn't on the path of helping others with the messages I know nor would I be here writing this blog for you all.

Empowering the Empath

By placing energetic, mental and emotional boundaries with people, you are setting a precedence in your battle against energy absorption. You are showing others that you are strong and have the power to protect yourself. Daily protective empathic techniques will keep your energy on track. You can either carry or wear protective crystals to keep your protective barrier up all day. You will also find cleansing your aura daily and mainly, EVERY NIGHT, will be beneficial to your success as an empath. Unless someone is an empath, they are unlikely aware that their energy is rubbing off on you. Understand that they are learning and growing in that learning just as you.

So, what is your aura, really?

Think of it this way... Imagine yourself as a mini planet. Noooo your not fat! Silly! Ha Ha...

All joking aside, think of yourself as a mini planet. What does a planet have around it? It has energetic layers that scientist's call the magnetosphere and ionosphere. This is a double layer that provides Earth with protection. But I like to call it "Earth's Aura." Just like Earth, you have a protective layer, as well. This layer keeps your soul safe from outside unseen forces that seek to deplete your energy. Like Earth's layers of protection, it is meant to keep us safe from the outside spacial rays of the Sun that could burn us. So, it protects what's inside! Just as your aura protects your soul.

While empaths are compassionate and understanding, they are also highly sensitive and at times, physically affected by the energy around them. It can leave them feeling depleted from the several interactions of their day. Where one may feel normal to an energetic, highly fun situation, the empath is completely overwhelmed and drained of his/her energy. So, what does one do when fun or high energy situations deplete you? Well, let's take a quick look at some cool techniques to help you, as an empath, regain your sanity!

For Crystals Sake...

Shield Yourself!!!

Sit quietly in your sacred space of your mind. Take a few deep breaths and visualize a shield of steel around your aura. In the shield, is a small diamond shaped device that contains a vacuuming system. Flick the red switch to on. Visualize the air between the armor and your aura begin to shrink. Your aura will envelop you like a tight scuba suit. This suit will not only protect you but it will help you become invisible to others that may deplete your energy from around you.

Now, grab your Black Tourmaline crystal and visualize in your mind, preparing to walk into the stressful situation (aka work, Walmart, or a restaurant, etc). Hold your head up high KNOWING your suit is on. This will prepare your mind before walking in. If you are sitting in your car, do this before getting out and entering the place you need to go. You will then place the protection prayer over your aura of shielding. "I call upon Michael, the Angel of Protection, to my side. I am protected. I am safe. I will not be drained of my energy. The Army of Michael, in Jesus royal blood, has watch over me and my soul's surroundings." Repeat the words until you feel the shield is strong enough to take on the environment around you. You will then be ready to end the visualization practice.

Gather your things and take your Black Tourmaline and even a Selenite with you. These can even be worn as jewelry. (Selenite removes any energy that is not yours and maintains your own soul's chemical balance. It also clears your energy field, ensuring your energy is 100% your own!)

You may use the Video Blog "Shield Yourself" example below to place the shield up around your aura and help calm your energy before entering a place that gives you stress. It can be used daily to cleanse and clear your aura of any unwanted energies.

You may follow what I've done in the video by placing 2 tumbled Black Tourmaline's, 1 tumbled Hematite, and a tumbled Clear Quartz to amplify their energy in order to place this shield up around you. You may also place a Goldstone in that mix if you are feeling overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Go Smudge Yourself!

While performing any meditation, one must always protect their sacred space. By doing this, you are creating a positive atmosphere where you can let go of negative thoughts in a ritual type setting where your intention and dedication to self-improvement can take place. Saging at night right before bed can elevate your day. Smudging has long been used to connect to spirit and intuition. It achieves a higher healing state and solves most spiritual dilemmas. Smudging can also lift your mood to happy spirits banishing any negativity like past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies. Saging yourself and your space These are just SOME benefits of saging, now your only decision is choosing smoking or none.

My Special Smokeless Spray...

I've created a Smudging Spray for quick and instant smudging without the hassle of a smoky room. I've had many tell me that the Smudging Spray is more affective at ridding yucky energies than regular smoke sages. You may click the link to be directly taken to that spray if you would like to try it out for yourself.


I use my spray often, especially right before I perform any readings, or the Live Show, "Spirit Talk Live" on Facebook. I love using it right before bed. The sheets smell so amazing and the fragrances from the mixture of essential oils is so invigorating. It honestly feels like you just took a bath in flowers. I feel very clean after spraying my area down. I am honored to have Maria, my Guide, show me these mixtures in order to help so many with them. I take pride in my brand and are so very blessed that so many use these items in order to equip themselves organically and holistically with their health.

Smudging Sticks. Let's sage it up...

If you prefer Smudging Sticks, which on occasion I do, Cedar is your best bet at ridding anything heavy in your environment. You can also use Black Sage, Blue Sage, Rosemary, and Palo Santo. These aren't as affective as Cedar but work just as great at relieving your low energy symptoms.

I realize many follow what others are doing in society and choose White Sage to rid negativity. Native Americans used White Sage in rituals for centuries. It was meant to purify the air and the mind and because of this well-known ritual, many believed it took care of EVERYTHING spiritual, especially anything negative. But what many don't understand is that White Sage just simply cleanses and purifies the air. For example, if the flu is running rampant throughout your house and everyone seems to be getting sick, burning White Sage will help cleanse and purify the air so the germs don't continue to spread. It stops airborne germs in it's tracks!

Other Crystals to ponder on...

  • Rose Quartz - gives the wearer the feeling of love and pushes out love to those around the receiver. It also soothes the heart of anyone feeling burdened or suffering from heart ache or loss.

  • Amethyst - heighten and sharpen your intuitional skills. As an empath, you need to be on your game. Trusting your intuition aka your Guides is KEY! Also, use this crystal buddy under your pillow at night for insomnia or those "I can't sleep" nights.

  • Hematite - strengthens your aura and deflects harmful energies. Hematite will be your new best friend... it will help you to avoid (subconsciously) people that drain your energy... like an energy vampire.

  • Titanium Aura Quartz - this fiery rainbow of a crystal will buffer out your protective shield and pull unwanted energies back into Earth.

  • Obsidian - the black volcanic rock, if used sparingly, packs a powerful, POWERFUL punch of protection. It can also cause depression because of how heavy grounding it is. So use with caution. On the upside... it kicks energy a--!

  • Goldstone - calms anxiety and dizzy spells. Give this stone about 5 minutes and the affects kick in super fast!

  • Lepidolite - increases the energy fields of the other crystals around it. Quartz does this too but quartz is too high vibrational around an empath. Lepidolite is on a lower dosage than Quartz and can be handled better. The last thing you want is to heighten what is happening around and to you.

  • Malachite - is great for removing emotional blockages that can be taken on from stressful situations. It absorbs negative feelings you may be holding back.

  • Mookaite - calms the mind from running around like a hamster on a wheel.

  • Fluorite - only use when you need mental clarity on a situation. Place on your third eye and meditate on the answer(s) you seek. Fluorite is also great if you are taking on physical ailments from others. Simply rub in small circular motions on the affected area. You will instantly feel a energetic tingling. This means it's working!!!

We Take the Guess Work Out of Crystal Confusion...

If you are new to crystals or just want a beginner crystal pouch for protection, then try my special formulated Crystal Infused Empath Pouch to keep on you at all times. This pouch is SPECIALLY FORMULATED by my Guides that holds a unique protective energy which is infused by me but guided by my Angels and Guides. I was shown to create this pouch this past year as I've had a lot of requests from Empaths for help for protection against unwanted attachment energies and emotions.


Pick from the Crystal Menu...

As for the list above, try not to mix them all together. Simply try one or two to integrate them into your soul's chemistry and work your way up from there. Keep only the ones you bond with on you at all times. Remember to play singing bowls or high pitched tuning songs every week around the crystals so they can return to their regular oscillatory rate after assisting you in your feat against absorption. An oscillary rate, in so many words, is the crystal's vibrational tone that it vibrates! We can touch base on "How does a Crystal Actually Help Me: The Scientific Ins and Outs of Crystal Benefits" on a future blog.

Wait, WHAT... Herbs! Really? Well, let's hear all about it...

An empath should make it a practice to sage with Cedar with the intent of ridding unwanted energy that makes its way into your sacred home or space. Doing this action will help keep your psyche and your home safe from the day's energy that you may have absorbed.

I suggest watching the Video Blog on "How to Properly Sage your Space" by clicking the link provided: https://www.crystalcovespa.com/video-blog

Accompanied with this video, is a step by step video demonstration that is very informative to watch.

Cedar is not the only herb you can use to battle energy absorption. Empaths are vulnerable to taking on emotional “junk” belonging to others. This causes many physical ailments that can become overwhelming to an empath. Below I've listed a collection of floral herbal remedies intended to help an empath let go of any energy charged vibrations and also to help shield them from picking up any further foreign energies in the future. WOW! That's a lot of F's! LOL

Dandelion – is one of my favorite herbs. It remedies painful emotions and washes away any unwanted emotions you dislike hanging around. Burn this herb in order to allow any energetic sludge to be removed.

Lavender - is always going to be top of the list for it calms energies in the home or office. (Use as an essential oil for immediate results. Make sure the oil is ok to use on the skin before applying.)

Yarrow – you want some extra energetic shielding? Yarrow will stablize and shield anyone who is vulnerable to energies that deplete their personal space. 

Olive – is a ENERGY BOOSTER! Revitalizing your aura. It is good for anyone who is feeling the effects of fatigue or struggle.

Beech – protects from emotional attacks. Also great for those empaths that hate social interactions.

Fawn Lily – helps that empath that has kept him/herself locked away from the world. In order to protect oneself, this empath chooses to control their environment but Fawn Lily wants to bring this empath into mingling with others once more.

Mallow – breaks down self-protective walls an empath has built. If you build up an energetic wall of protective shielding, you not only keep the baddies out but also the goodies like love and compassion. This nifty herb can help those of you empaths who've isolated yourself from society give up the fear that controls your every move and reopen your heart and feel once again.

You can try this spirit created blend shown to me by Maria over two years ago. It will help detox your energy from "icky" spiritual debris that doesn't belong in your protective bubble.


Becoming One with Your Root

The Root Chakra helps us to become fully grounded and present in the moment. If this chakra is out of balance, we can become fearful, anxious beings. Even becoming dissociative with others and not being present with what is going on around us. Bringing this chakra into balance, allows us to let go of fear and bring us back into our highest manifestational form.

Root Exercise:

Palo Santo or Copal are recommended for saying during this visual exercise. You also may sit on the grass and feel the soil and soft blades under your feet.

  • Visualize your feet turning into the roots of a tree. Push them down into the soil of earth from the base of your body. Inhale the energy from the earth.

  • On the exhale, release any thing that is within you that does not serve you out of the root center and back into the earth. (You can try this exercise on the beach with the sand beneath your feet by using the waves as grounding breathing swifts as the waves come in and out upon the shore.)

  • Some healing stones you can place at your feet are Obsidian, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, or Red Jasper or Red Jade. (These crystals are commonly used for empaths to balance and cleanse their auras and to remove any blockages that may be holding them back and to aid in any energetic healing)

Eating My Way to My Root!

You can keep your Root healthy by eating healthy Root Based vegetables like carrots, beets, onions, garlic, and potatoes. Protein enriched foods are also great to keep in your healthy diet. Items like peanut butter, beans, eggs, meats, and any soy based product. Try pepper, horseradish, and chives as a season to keep your Root spicy!

Bath in that Root Chakra Glow

A few drops of 3 to 6 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil (less drops for smaller portions of water aka foot soak), 3 to 5 drops of Frankincense for grounding, (throw in a few drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil if you are prone to nightmares), Black Tourmaline (raw or tumbled), and Seasalt not table salt are the most effective way to remove the "uck" from your Root Chakra Aura. This will need to be a full bath or foot soak. I suggest performing my "practical magic ritual" before heading off to bed, for 15 to 20 minutes, in order to remove the chaos and energetic baggage you've absorbed from your day so you may sleep through the night. You can even throw in some dried or essential oil lavender for an extra boost of relaxation to the max. I've been using this technique for years, which I coined in 2015 as my "practical magic ritual." It has helped to remove unwanted "uck" energies from not only my physical but my spiritual body but also relaxes me into a state of happy bliss, as well. I know it will do the same for you!

Relationships Abound:

The Empath and The Narcissist

Empath's tend to become true chameleons. Changing the conversation style of communication, even their bodily postures and actions in order to be around people and feel more at ease with them. This is a safe guard emotionally and physically to adjust their own comfort style. The biggest problem with this is that they will lose their true authentic selves. Especially when it comes to a narcissistic mate.

An empath that isn't aware of how to protect themselves or in some cases, even aware they are empathic, can easily and very quickly bond themselves to a narcissist where they feel they can fix this person and repair damages they feel are present. The "unknown" empath, in some cases "unknowingly," wants to heal and remove any and all pain. This is what I call a "Mirror Empath." The fixing they seek to do upon a narcissist is actually a "mirror projection" of themselves. They seek to fix what is going on inside themselves due to confusion of who they truly are. They don't understand how to shield or fix themselves from absorbing unwanted energy. In the event they do absorb, this type of energy can cause much pain, if not corrected. What the empath is failing to realize is that a true narcissist only seeks to take NOT reciprocate. They are the true energy vampires of the world.

The narcissist’s main agenda is to manipulate and control. The empath’s is to love, heal, and care. There is no balance here. The narcissist, whether knowing or unknowing, will suck the life and soul out of an empath or anyone sensitive to love and healing. You will become the doormat to their highly priced egotistical shoes. A narcissist builds up their own energy and ego by claiming the energy of the empath. This then becomes a balancing act that no empath will win unless they start to shield against these attacks.

Sadly, I was in a relationship like this before Justin arrived in 2014 on his prestigious, white horse. He scooped me up into his secure and stable arms after being cheated on and told in great detail of this affair by said narcissist with a client I dearly befriended into my home. I was a weak soul coming into this world from the accident in 2009. This narcissist knew this weakness I held deep underneath this "beautiful" exterior. He sought to confuse and debilitate my soul to ash. But as I got more familiar with crystals and watched how their energy took hold in my life, I was able to grow in strength towards the end of this "relationship" with their budding assistance. I didn't realize at the time that I was literally being saved by their powerful effectiveness around me and their eagerness to bring Justin into my path. Protecting me like little seraphs, I was able to regain my own self awareness and was granted an even better path with new opportunities on the horizon, which I now look back on in amazement.

We must never regret the paths we take for we learn so much from the people that come into our lives. This man who was the epitamy of narcissistic learning, showed me many things. How to trust my instincts. How to protect and shield myself from toxic, harmful energies. How to come out of my house and mingle among the living souls who are learning here. Before he entered my life, I was in a spiraling depression. I was able to take on my mission in full accord since this man crossed my path and showed me to remove fear from my life. That is the ONLY thanks I bestow upon him. I was able to pray over his learning here... that he may find his way back to God's love... and I continue to live a life fulfilled by helping others. His mission was to show me this path and bring me out of the darkness of depression. Nothing more... Nothing less!

Understand why the people are in your life. Don't dismiss every person that crosses your path, no matter the pain they endure upon you. They may be showing you something about yourself and your learning here that you wouldn't of had they not appeared. Some souls tend to take on these types of personalities in order to shake us to our core and get us on path we never thought possible. Truly think about the person that comes to your mind as you read about the narcissist. I KNOW there's someone you are thinking of right now! Think back and look over each situation you've had with them. Now, ask yourself... what did you learn? They didn't show up just to show up! They were put there to show you something. What is it?

Now thank them for this path of learning and allow yourself to heal from the anger and hurt they may have caused you. Burn some Cedar sage or any of the forementioned herbs in the list and let go of that energy. You will feel a weight has lifted and you can finally move on.

The Empath vs. The Empath

When two empaths come together in love, they will experience many pros and cons to their experience. Before encountering a dating scenario with an empath, you may have gone through life feeling like nobody understands you or what you may have been feeling. I went through this before Justin re-entered my life.

A partnering empath can feel you on a deeper level and understand you better than most. For example, when you get super excited about something and want to share that joyful feeling with someone you love, another empath will feel that same joy. It's an overwhelming, explosive feeling that both empaths have rushing over them like a waterfall when feeling emotions like these. In some circumstances, however, this combination can be toxic, especially when both empaths energy isn't matched well. An example of this is anger. When anger is involved, this can be a fiery, hazardous partnership. If these two hit heads without shielding protections or even being aware they are both empathic, mental and even physical abuse can take place. I see a lot of this, unfortunately.

However, when two empaths have a big love for each other, that love tends to branch out to others. ESPECIALLY, animals. Most empath partners have a deep love for animals. It can be difficult to date a non-empath because they may not understand how important it is to have a furry companion at your side. The man I dated before Justin, that I spoke of earlier, tried very hard for me to remove our sweet, little Maxi from the home we had. Thank GOD I had the courage to say, "NO" each time it was brought up. Justin and Maxi have such an amazing bond, that I'M even jealous of it! LOL We have so many animals in our home, I think we might need more room. Maybe even a farm!

Mostly all empaths put other's needs before their own but when two empaths come together in a relationship, they’re really taken good care of each other. You will seek to make the other your top priority. You maybe even create little surprises just to show them how much you are thinking of them. And each empath anticipates each other's needs. Don't even get me started on the experience of Sex! WOWZA! The sexual experience between two empaths are so connected you don't even know where one began and the other ended. Each empath can sense and anticipate what the other wants or needs. Making those special moments exhilarating to both empaths.

Now, having empathic abilities is wonderful especially when energy is happy and love is floating in the air, but what if your other half is struggling with difficult emotions? These emotions can affect you, as well and just as intensely. These emotions do not need to be directed to you but life in general. Perhaps your partner had a rough day at work. Even if your day was amazing, when you come home and feel the energy your partner endured during his/her day, you will eventually take this energy on and absorb it as your own. "Becoming one" in a more intense sense of the words. It is also not unusual for these empaths to feel pain when close to their partner. When Justin isn't feeling well, after a few hours, I will start to feel his pain but in my case, I can better assist him with healing by this energetic action.

It is important that empaths understand their need for solitude in order to recharge their energy. When both parties are mature and self-aware of their own needs, they can communicate to their partner the willingness to go off in different rooms for awhile. But if one of the empaths is clingy or even codependent, they could take this in a negative way and believe their partner is rejecting them by needing some space. I'm lucky to have a mature, empathic man who understands when I don't want to be downstairs but upstairs for some alone time. This time doesn't last very long because I eventually start to miss him and want him to come around. And just like an empath, he picks up on the energy in the house from me and BAM he's walking in the bedroom door to come see me. Ha Ha!

Just remember, there are many are levels of empaths and no relationship is going to look the same. Some will click and some may find each other too intense or not connected enough, like our fiery, combative couple. If you have the opportunity together with another empath like you, with whom you can have a beautiful relationship with, like Justin and I, then it's worth going on the adventure and learning from that person. Take a chance, you just might find your gem in the rough.

Ok! Let's Back That Up

A recent discovery by scientific researchers have found a specialized group of brain cells that are responsible for compassion. According to Psychology Today, "These cells enable everyone to mirror emotions, to share another person’s pain, fear, or joy." We as empaths can resonate with other people's feelings because we are thought to have hyper-responsive mirror neurons. Furthermore Psychology Today says, "Mirror neurons are triggered by outside events. For example, our spouse gets hurt, we feel hurt too. Our child is crying; we feel sad too. In contrast, psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists are thought to have what science calls “empathy deficient disorders.” This means they lack the ability to feel empathy like other people do, which may be caused by an under-active mirror neuron system."

A second interesting find is based on the the brain and the heart generating electromagnetic fields. According to The HeartMath Institute, "These fields transmit information about people’s thoughts and emotions. Empaths may be particularly sensitive to this input and tend to become overwhelmed by it. Similarly, we often have stronger physical and emotional responses to changes in the electromagnetic fields of the earth and sun. Empaths know well that what happens to the earth and sun affects our state of mind and energy." This also happens when the solar system we dwell in is in retrograde.

The third finding suggests enhancements in our understanding of empaths is the phenomena of emotional contagion. Psychology Today informs that researchers have shown that many people pick up the emotions of those around them. That if a baby cries it will set off an energetic wave of crying throughout an entire hospital ward. Or if one person loudly expresses anger or anxiety in the workplace it can spread to the other coworkers. People commonly catch other people’s feelings if placed in group settings.

The fourth finding, which is soooo very compelling, is the extraordinary state called “mirror-touch synesthesia.” According to Psychology Today, "Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which two different senses are paired in the brain. For instance, you see colors when you hear a piece of music or you taste words." Some famous synesthetics include Isaac Newton, Billy Joel, and violinist Itzhak Perlman. Furthermore, Psychology Today states that "with mirror-touch synesthesia, people can actually feel the emotions and sensations of others in their own bodies as if these were their own." This is a mind-blowing neurological explanation of an empath’s physical experiences. I just love science, don't you?

Final Thoughts...

In my line of work, you NEED empathy to do this job properly. Without it, you become a emotionless robot. The Dali Lama once said, “Empathy is the most precious human quality.” Empathy is the quality that will ALWAYS get us through these tough times. It enables us to respect one another, ESPECIALLY when we can't agree or see eye to eye on matters. Empathy doesn’t make you a sentimental softy but rather allows you to keep your heart open in order to make room for tolerance and understanding. It might not always be effective in getting through to people or creating peaceful boundaries but I truly believe it’s the best chance we have at reconnecting as souls on a human experience, TOGETHER!

If a vase doesn't crack or break, how will the light get back in?

Being an empath is a gifted privilege and an honor. It has its ups and downs but in the end it will always be your closes, trusted friend and confidant. I am blessed to be a part of the Empathic Group of Galactic Workers and let's not forget the TRUE Light Workers of this world, even though I come from the Galactic version of these teams, I still feel truly blessed to be on this mission with them. We Galactic Ones tell it like it is and remove dark energy from this earth... you light bulbs out there just keep pushing out your puppies, rainbows and sunshine happy vibes HA HA! Together we'll get this Earth back on track! So, let us band together and support one another! EMPATH EMPOWERMENT!!!

Let's make this and everyday 'THE BEST DAY EVER!'

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