Basic Shapes: Working with Your Crystal Collection

Sparkle Greetings to all you gem lovers. For many years, I’ve been teaching on the shapes of crystals and how they can benefit your life. So, I’ve decided to place this information in a unified blog where it can be easily read and available at click of a key on your keyboard. There are many ways to work with different types of crystals and their unique shapes, markings, and even facets. I will provide a small list of what I believe are the most important of these shapes you can work with in your crystal healing and divinational practices. The shapes I am going to be presenting to you are spheres, generators, double-terminated wands, and palm stones. For this blog, I will use Quartz as our stone example. Why I am choosing Quartz above all others, you may ask? Well, due to its amplified high vibrational energy, it is the highest vibrational gem found on this big, blue planet because it helps to raise all vibrations it comes in contact with. It also transmutes any and all energy forms like depression, chaos, illness and disease, sadness, and so on. However, please note that when working with a crystal shape and using different kinds of minerals, the process of its vibration may differ slightly as the properties of that gem are different in its end result of healing.

When my Intuitive Crystal Course opens this fall, you may consider joining this course to learn more about gemology, crystal chemistry, gem history, geology, and more. We will dive deep into sparkling discusses with a dash of enchanting crystal science structures and manifestations. This course will provide the fascinating mythology behind each mineral and how it can impact your life on many levels. And of course, these classes will be for any and all students whether you are a beginner or an advanced gem genius in your crystal knowledge.


The sphere, in all its roundy glory, presents an amazing opportunity to radiate energy at 360 degrees. That means up, down, all around, above and below, in all directions. It can be placed in the middle of a room and swirl its energy in all directions, in every nook and cranny.

The sphere creates a perfect flow of energy throughout your sacred space. So, for our Quartz example, you could use a Rose Quartz to spread unconditional love and positive energy in your home, especially in a home where love is needed the most.

Now, if you are like me and need that extra kick a— vibration to remove any and all unwanted energy, you’ll want to grab yourself a Black Tourmaline or Shungite sphere to be your spiritual warrior. You can never go wrong with a mystical powerhouse sphere in every room you are trying to create a special energy in.


The most important fact you’ll want to keep in your crystal database is that generators are always single-terminated wands with flat bottoms on just one end. They do not possess the double pointed ends like you see with most double-terminated wands. The pointed top allows for directed energies that can point to the outer environment of your mini world aka the sky. So, why do we want to use a generator? Well, generators create interesting vortexes which gather energy at the base and directs it towards the tip and then that energy is channeled back down towards the bottom of the crystal to your base surface.

This unique flow creates a circle of energy that loops in on itself which creates that vortex and allows you to direct channeled energy towards a specific purpose. So for example, if you wanted to bring more financial abundance into your life, you’d simply place a Pyrite or even a Green Calcite generator on any sacred surface to hold, raise, and direct this specific energy out into your mini environment of manifestation. Another great example is our little rainbow friend presented in our picture which is an Aura Quartz. This special gem creates a high vibrational energy that pulls in Angelic and/or Fairy frequency of happy, loving, positive energetic flow. Now, with our Quartz generator, it can hold, raise, and MAGNIFY all energies it comes in contact with. A generator raises linear streams of energy that becomes very powerful when moving it from one direction to another. This usually happens when you use a generator during a healing session on a client. This powerful energy can be moved from healer to client, simultaneously, on all healing frequencies.


Who doesn’t love a good wand, especially all you Harry Potter fans out there! I don’t think my life would be complete without my favorite wands in my sacred space there to remind me of all the magical love they possess.

As we discussed earlier, double-terminated wands have those pointy ends on both sides so they can be used as channeling tools of sent and received energy from you to another. Some examples of this are: from Higher Source Spirit to you, from you to Higher Source Spirit, from your ancestor to you, from you to your ancestors, from you to Elvis, Elvis to you, and so on. You truly can imagine all the amazing possibilities you can come up with.

So, how do you even use a wand, especially like Harry Potter and his posse? Well, of course we can’t go waving our beautiful gem wands in the air and suddenly a locked door magically opens for us. A girl can wish! BUT, we can still do mystical things with our wands.

First, I want you to image filling your gem wand with a big, bright light of divine white energy that will capture the element of Higher Source love and magic. This energy will fill you up with peace, purity, and security. I then want you to imagine directing that same vibrational energy from you to the rest of the world, healing all and everything across the lands and sea on every level of frequency (for all things on earth are learning at different levels of energy). Finally, I want you to imagine directing that energy from you to Higher Source love and expressing thanks and gratitude for all the gracious abilities you’ve been given. Simply meditate quietly as you take in this marvelous energy from Higher Source. This exercise will also relieve any stress and anxiety you may have been experiencing lately and a great way to practice working with your enchanting crystal wands.


Small enough to fit in your palm and be placed in areas, like your pocket or bra, to be carried on you at all times. Palm Stones are magical and convenient. Small but packed with a powerhouse of potent energy.

They hold all the magical properties of the stone you are working with in your divinational practice. In my healings, I imagine my palm stones as bars of divine soap. Try to imagine rubbing or energetically “lathering” up the energy of the stone on your body. In an upward motion, bring the energy closer to your energy field, or downward away from your body, removing any and all energies and toxins from your field. The difference here is the motion of the palm stone and the intent I’m using it for. So, if you wish to receive more love in your life or feel better about yourself, move the palm stone up towards your heart to call in that energy so it can expand and magnify. If you seek to ground and center any negative energy from yourself, move the palm stone down towards your feet to send that energy away from you by sending it back to Earth where it can be held, transformed, and transmuted into a more usable vibration. Not many know that an Obsidian palm stone, when used in this fashion, can actually repair rips, tears, or holes within your auric field. You simply rub the Obsidian palm stone away from your heart and towards the bottom of your feet to ground that energy so it can be transformed into more usable frequencies.

These few shapes are just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more that we will discuss in later blogs that will keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. This blog is the beginning of many in a series to come that will enlighten and inspire your crystal wisdom. I hope this crystal knowledge becomes great use to you on how to properly use some of your favorite crystal shapes in your collection because this wisdom will help you connect more deeply to your gems and expand your crystal collection with magical intention. The many crystals that do find their way into your life, will thank you graciously for allowing them to benefit your soul mission and purpose, for they are our little Spirit Guides in magical, sparkly form.

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